“New Dexterity/Fretboard Fluency Workout! – Tabs Below

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  1. Thanks Alex, this is great!

  2. sam

    Thanx for caring. Your rock!

  3. vince

    Thanks much! Great workout…..

  4. Rob in Canada

    Awesome as usual!! Thanks Alex!!

    • alexsampson

      Why thank you Sir Rob :-)

  5. Brai dennis

    I have brought your work before this right here thank you I love this piece its a new practice lession for me send me the first two that you mentioned. it would be cool to have either 52 of these type drills or 365. either work 1 a week or work one everyday.

    • alexsampson

      thanks for the comment… Look to the top on the nav bar you’ll see links to the other two videos. Peace

  6. Sandra

    Hi Alex. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. As a novice player (novice being the operative word!), I really appreciate any tips I can get to improve my playing. These free videos and regular updates from you are a God sent and allow me to approach my playing in a different way. Keep up the good work!

  7. Kingsley

    Once again Alex, nice finger work and thanks for sharing. I could have done with someone like you forty years ago but as they say “it’s never too late to learn!” Cheers mate!

    • alexsampson

      You right about that bud… NEVER too late to learn, especially when it’s something that you find enjoyment out of because at the end of the day live is a massive collection of experiences and memories. Our goal every day is helping another person achieve a dream or accomplish a little more outta something they love!

  8. David

    As per usual, this is the stuff of masters (or that make masterful bassist). Thanks!

  9. Mike

    Alex, Thanks for the emails and the lessons. My worship leader asked me the other day where I was learning this stuff, so it must be paying off.

    • alexsampson

      That’s always a pleasure to here :-) Glad you (and others) are seeing progress in your playing!

  10. Richard

    Looking forward to trying this one out!! Thanks for all you do.



  12. Beverly Atchison

    Sweet. Thanks, Alex.

  13. Beverly Atchison

    I am sure to use this exercise. Thanks so much!

  14. Frank Dillon

    Alex I have purchased many of your products and they have made me a better bass player. It is good to know that you are willing to share your abilities and talent in this way to help us all become the caliber of bass players we have always wished to be. Thanks a million!

    • alexsampson

      Hey bud, greatly appreciate the kind words… thanks for your support bruh!


    Great finger exercise Alex thanks again I look forward to more.

  16. Judy Glass

    Alex, thank you so much for your videos this week. Visual aids are a plus and you always explain the concept very well. I know the goal is “play by ear” but your tabs are much appreciated!

  17. it is amazing. i wish to get more

  18. Clint

    thanks Alex for your generosity man.

  19. Ibrahim

    Thanks alot bro

  20. Mladen

    Great!! Thank you mate! 😉

  21. Johnny Moses

    Thanks Alex…great exercise!!

  22. Peter Russell

    Thank you Alex I have a couple of your courses and find you have been able to explain things in a way that I can understand. Thank you for you freebies, love them. Regards.

    • alexsampson

      Thanks a lot for the support Peter… That’s what we’re about getting folks results so I’m glad you get the way we put stuff across… Peace!

  23. Ladrick

    Great! Yu are the best.

  24. Son Sydnor

    Great exercise. I always love your lessons Thank you very much. Peace 1Love

  25. Fred hammer

    Again thankyou Alex. you know I look forward to you tit bits as one can take methods/ licks and pop them into your play. It’s not because these latest videos are free. ( thankyou)Personally I wouldn’t mind paying .licks are good. Thanks. Fred. NZ

  26. Paul Van der Linden

    Nice work throughout the years.

  27. norm

    hy alex that song you were playing on that frist vedeo play awesome bass for any song thats the one i d lik to see you do slow

    • alexsampson

      Hi Norm, sorry not sure I know exactly what you’re referring to…

  28. Brian

    Thx for throwin’ this together, it’s a great exercise especially the A Ab E C at the high end which is keepin’ me busy. Pass along thanks to Ben for helpin’ out, it’s nice to see another set of hands. Brian

  29. nathaniel

    tnx alex u are realy wnderful i apreciat all u’ve been doing

    • alexsampson

      Nathaniel thank you guy – I’m glad you’re getting value.

  30. rem

    thanks alex! great

  31. Rogie-will

    Inspiring and instructive as always Alex, thankyou